🍾We’ve graduated our second cohort!🍾

Thanks to your help and support, we did it! Or rather, they did it!

I couldn’t be more proud of the first cohort of 2022! An incredible group of super talented devs and QA engineers. In fact, we’ve already placed three of the devs for immediate hire at the Whole app from The Happy Broadcast, as well as our award-winning Fidelis Loans DeFi project.

We’re also planning to take on a few more of our grads after the school break later this year. All told, we will have placed more than half of all the grads into full and part-time jobs in the next few months! 🦾 Pretty exciting!

There’s too much to share in a simple email, so here’s a summary of what we’ve accomplished in our first full year working in Southern Africa.

Click on the infographic below to view an interactive version with links!

ACA 2021-2022 Infographic

Though we’ve been able to find paying contracts for some graduates, much of the development work for our projects, as well as supporting our instructors and staff, still comes from your generous donations. If you or know of someone that would be interested in helping us out, please head to https://africacode.org/donate or click the link below!

Many thanks,

Joon 😁