Engineering Residency Program Southern Africa Jan-May 2022

Software Engineering Internship Program across Southern Africa

Expanding from our successful pilot launch in 2021 we’re expanding enrollment for candidates from more campuses across Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Eswatini. 

We continue to work with our partner, Botho University as well as other leading universities in the region. Our goal remains the same to bring real-world software engineering experience to those who most need it in Southern Africa. 

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Engineering Residency Internship Program Gaborone/Maseru Jul-Nov 2021

Software Engineering Internship Program for Botho University Computer Science Students

For our partner, Botho University, providing practical experience through their internship program is a key component in the Computer Science degree program. One of the lesser known effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that opportunities for university students to find viable internships have been drastically reduced due to pandemic lockdowns and lack of remote work support at corporate partners. Along with the challenges for students to attend classes through the pandemic, they now find that they are unable to find corporate internship opportunities in Gaborone and elsewhere in Southern Africa.

We are excited to partner with Botho to provide this much needed experience for their students through our Engineering Residency Program.

This is particularly interesting from the student perspective as we can provide the students with experience working in a software start-up environment where they have the opportunity to develop real-world software.

We are targeting a first run of the program for two cohorts of 25 students each in the Gaborone, Botswana and Maseru, Lesotho campuses, providing internet connectivity to students as necessary to participate in the program fully remotely. They will form the two ’startups’ that will compete with each other (in a friendly way of course!) to build a innovative software solutions to the African and global markets!