What We Do

A Scalable and Sustainable Model For Development In Africa
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What We Do

A Scalable and Sustainable Model For Development In Africa
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Africa Code Academy

was formed with the fundamental belief in the power of Africa (and its people) to shape its own future.

Today, only 6 percent of young people in sub-Saharan Africa are enrolled in higher education institutions compared to the global average of 26 percent. However, by bringing a lightweight and modern technical training to those without previous opportunity, we believe in the potential to spark a revolution across the continent.

Our aim is to develop local talent to train and lead the next generation of developers to lead this revolution.

Technical and vocational education and training have not been a top priority for many African countries. In 2012, technical and vocational programs accounted for only 6 percent of total secondary enrolment in the region, a slight drop from 7 percent in 1999.

Engineering Residency Program

Geared for trained programmers, the ACA Distributed Engineering Residency Program is modeled as a real-world distributed startup development team. Participating developers will go through a 16 weeks program in two distinct phases. The first phase is a month-long instructional and evaluation phase, followed by an intensive development phase where participants deliver real software.

This program serves as a bridge to employment for students and graduates while providing an opportunity to hone and develop real-world software engineering skills through a virtual software startup environment.

We guide developers through a full range of engineering best practices and techniques used by any world-class engineers as they design and develop real software.

We also seek to work with local corporations and government agencies to place graduates into real jobs upon successfully completing the program.

    Learn to Code

    Geared towards beginners who are new to programming and introduces the basics of programming in a fun and interactive environment.

    WANTED! Developers for a New Software Startup!

    Seeking enterprising new programmers looking to be a part of an exciting opportunity! No Experience Necessary! We will provide training for new developers in the basic concepts of software development teaching one of the most popular programming languages: Python.
    We will introduce new recruits not just to programming but also help develop essential skills of Learning how to Learn, having a Growth Mindset, and working and collaborating as a team.
    Recruits will use the MIT-developed Scratch visual programming environment to learn basic concepts and Python as the main programming language. All developers will learn major programming concepts such as Data Types, Operators, Loops, Lists and Functions and will complete a final project that will surely be the Next Big Thing! Again, No Experience Necessary, however, a willingness to learn and be challenged is required!
    Slots are limited so please apply soon! And good luck!